Brighton Veterinary Hospital

Meet Our Team



Dr Rohan Hart


Rohan started at BVH in July 2018 and has quickly become a familiar face around the clinic. Rohan is our full time veterinarian and performs the vast majority of our surgical procedures. He has more than 30 years experience as a practising veterinarian, and was previously a practice owner in South Melbourne for over 20 years.

Rohan is a huge footy fan and loves nothing more than watching his Tigers win with his super cute Beaglier Osita.

Dr Janene Kirschner


Janene has been working part time for the best part of this last year. She previously owned Caulfield Veterinary Clinic for 29 years and sold to semi retire and enjoy her grandchildren.

She loves veterinary consults and surgery still, after more than 40 years of working.

At home she has a 19 ½ year old Burmese cat called Xena.

Janene loves travel holidays and helping look after her 4 grandchildren. 

Dr. Geoff Rankin


Geoff has been treating the pets of Brighton for over 40 years, and is renowned for the use of acupuncture on racehorses.

In his spare time you’ll often find Geoff out and about in Brighton on his bicycle or enjoying a cup of coffee in one of the local cafes.

He currently shares his home with a spunky little kitty called Socks. Socks was a stray cat that Geoff adopted (well it was more Sock's decision and she was going to adopt Geoff whether he liked it or not!), but neither of them have looked back since.


Practice Manager

Kristi joined the team at BVH in December 2010 with over 10 years experience working as a veterinary nurse both in Melbourne and Ireland. With her hands on practical skills and experience in medical and surgical nursing, Kristi is a vital member of the team and a fantastic Practice Manager.  

Kristi has an adorable Australian Shepherd named Kaiser, who is a familiar face around the clinic. He’s never far away from Kristi’s side and often lends a paw at reception.


Veterinary Nurse

Zoë started at BVH in July 2017 and is our full time veterinary nurse. She completed her BSc (Hons) degree in Zoology back home in the UK, and immigrated to Australia nearly 6 years ago. She has been working with animals for nearly 15 years in various capacities and parts of the world, including a research expedition to Madagascar studying Chameleons.

Zoë has a very cute one-eyed Pug named Joyce. A regular at the clinic, Joyce can be found helping Kaiser at reception, but will disappear out the back for a snooze if she can get away with it.


Scooter came to Brighton Veterinary Hospital as a stray with a badly broken leg that had healed wrong.  She was so pleased with her leg amputation and her new lease on life that she decided to stay for good!  She was approximately born in 2003 and so is now considered to be a "senior citizen".  Old age looks good on her as she has decided to now become a lot friendlier.  She may even come and say hello to you!


Ninja was born sometime around 2012 and came to Brighton Veterinary Hospital as a stray.  He clearly found a calling, teasing the other animals that come into the clinic and so has never left!!  He is known as the "lunatic" of the clinic.

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